Shopkins Season 5 Character Lynn Lamp

Shopkins Season 5 Character Lynn Lamp

Lynn Lamp is a common Homewares Shopkin in Season 5. She’s a very bright shopkin (get it?). Her main appearance is as a green lamp with white lampshade. She’s also reading a pink book and has a protruding green plug at her back. Her variant color (which is the reference picture above) is of a light pink lamp with a red lampshade. She also holds a blue book with a silver plug at her back.

Lynn Lamp is an avid-book reader. That’s why she always has bright ideas whenever the need of it comes. But sometimes, he can be light-headed. It’s probably due to her excessive reading.

Lynn Lamp’s Favorites:

Hobby: Reading Books

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Homewares

Lynn Lamp’s Appearances in YouTube:


  • Connector.