Ice Cream Kate

Shopkins Season 5 Character Ice Cream Kate

Ice Cream Kate is a common Sweet Treats Shopkins in Season 5. Her body is molded like a cake with an ice cream on top making it very likely that her name is a pun to Ice Cream Cake. She has a pink body that has a green frosting on top.

Also has some sort of green ice cream with cone on her head. Her variant color is of a pink colored body with yellow frosting. She also has a yellow ice cream with cone at the top of her head.

Never the one to lose his cool, Ice Cream Kate is the coolest Shopkins around. She also has a knack of knowing the latest gift trends!

Ice Cream Kate’s Favorites:

Hobby: Shopping

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

Ice Cream Kate’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • Ice Cream Kate’s name is a pun for “Ice Cream Cake”.