Cute Fruit Jello

Shopkins Season 5 Character Cute Fruit Jello

Cute Fruit Jello is a rare Sweet Treats Shopkins in Season 5. Her body is of a jello consistency thus the name. Her color is of a yellow-green “blob” that fades to green at the bottom. At the top, there are slices of dark pink strawberries and she’s wearing some sort of dark pink strawberry tiara.

The variant color is of a white “blob” that fades to pink at the bottom. Same as the main variant, he has strawberry slices and a strawberry tiara but their colors are red.
She might be wobbly, but her head sure is as clear as day. She also loves birthday parties since well, she makes a “jolly good show”.

Cute Fruit Jello’s Favorites:

Hobby: Wobbling around

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Sweet Treats

Cute Fruit Jello’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • In her Bio, says “She loves birthday parties; “For she’s a jolly good Jello”. It is a pun from the song “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”.