Bessy Baseball

Shopkins Season 5 Character Bessy Baseball

Bessy Baseball is a rare Sports Petkin in season 5 of Shopkins. Her appearance is of a baseball with a yellow base that fades into purple at the bottom. She has adorable eyes, white snout, blue paws and fluffy ears. Her variant is of a white baseball that fades to yellow at the bottom. She also sports the same eyes, snout, paws and fluffy ears.

Personality wise, she loves to joke around! In fact, she loves a good joke so much that it leaves her in stitches (get it?). She’s also a very reliable friend and she will always be there when you need her most.

Bessy Baseball’s Favorites:

Hobby:Playing around

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Sports

Bessy Baseball’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • Connector.