Sally Scent

Shopkins Character Sally Scent

Sally Scent is a Limited Edition of Shopkin from Season 4. Since this shopkin is limited, a total of 5000 toys was made. Basically, Sally Scent was originated from the Limited Edition Team and the preference of the shopkin is a female. How does she look like? Appears in a pink heart-shaped of the perfume bottle with a gold-colored cap.

Also she has a silver heart-shaped that adds a little charm from the hanging off her cap. Sally really looks so cute! In addition, there are no variants of her. A real sweetheart of a perfume who loves to play match making! Will let you overflow by the sweetness of her scent and allows you to go across to someone who might be stranger.

Then there goes the favorite part of Sally Scent, taking the role as a match maker! So better watch out if you don’t want to be match with someone! Or if you want to meet new people, She can absolutely help you with that! Aside on how good she is into doing matchmaking, she can be a little bit self-scented too. Maybe because on how she was made of a very sweet perfume that mainly dominates with herself.

Sally Scent’s Favorites:

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Hang-out Place: Limited Edition

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