Peta Plant

Shopkins Character Peta Plant

Peta Plant is a Common Garden of Shopkin from Season Four. Sometimes it input a little bit of confusion to a Shopkin, Peta Planter which is from Season 5. But they are way different, so don’t be confuse. Basically, Peta Plant came from the Common Garden Team and the preference is a female.

How does she look like? She appears in a pot filled with blue flowers that is also growing a plant with three green leaves and two white flowers. He has two types of variant. One of the variant is a red flower pot. In which a plant is growing with three green leaves and two red flowers.

Another variant is named as 2 Easter Eggs variant. The first egg is in a yellow flower pot with lime leaves and purple flowers while the second egg appears in a pink flower pot with mint leaves and white flowers. In addition, in terms of artwork she portrays that she has four leaves.

Peta Plant is a real head for gardening. Literally, she has this hair-do that is expressing as “Blooming marvelous!” This simply shows that she is a happy and beautiful shopkin for she is not letting herself to get wilt or dry.

As a good lover of gardening, she never fails to show on how blooming and marvelous the flowers and plants that she has! Peta Plant is a good example as a present especially to those people who love plants and flowers!

Peta Plant’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Garden

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