Milk Bud

Shopkins Character Milk Bud

Milk Bud is a Special Edition of Petkin from Season 4. Milk Bud originally came from the Petkins Team and the preference is a male. How do Milk Bud looks like? His appearance is made in a pink carton of milk with a white straw on the top of his head, purple doggy ears and a white snout.

There is also a white label on him and read as “MOO” in which the letters are in blue color. He has an existing type of variant. His variant is in a blue carton of milk with a white straw of his head. The doggy ears are purple and a white snout.

Also there is a certain white label on him that reads as “MOO” and the letters are in pink writing. Based on Artwork, he is being depicted as blue milk cartoon with a bluish white straw, eyes are in brown color, the ears and paws are blue, a white snout dog.

The label he has is in white color and the spots showing all over him give resemblance to a cow’s spots. Milk Bud is even a real moosic lover who never cries when she spills herself! This simply means that he loves to hear the cow song or music and is not a crying baby!

Milk Bud’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Petkins

Milk Bud’s Appearances in Youtube


  • His name is most likely a pun on the dog biscuits Milk Bone, but could possibly be a pun on the candy Milk Duds.

  • He is the first season four Shopkin and the first Petkin to ever appear in a webisode.

  • In Milk Bud’s Bio they are referred to as a girl, but in the Shopkins Webisodes they are referred to as a boy.