June Balloon

Shopkins Character June Balloon

June Balloon is a Common Party Time of Shopkin from Season 4. The preference that June Balloon has is a female. Originally, she came from the Team of Party Time. Based on how she looks like.

Her appearance is in a yellow and pink balloon that is being tied up at the top of her. Her arms and feet are also made with balloons. She has two different variants of color. One of the variant is a purple and blue balloon that is being tied on top of her.

The same feature with her arms and feet that are made in balloons. Another variant is an exclusive type. This variant is included in the Season 4 Mystery Pack Edition in which the appearance is a gold and pink balloon. In addition, June Balloon is one of the silliest Shopkin but the best buddy to be with for she is a lot of fun!

So you really got to take your hat off to her! For she will rock your world and how she will make you forget the trouble you have and replace it with full of laughter and joyful memories. She might be silly yet she is somehow a good companion whom can make your pain go away by the crazy things that she will be doing that makes you smile unknowingly!

June Balloon’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Party Time

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