Jingle Purse

Shopkins Character Jingle Purse

Jingle Purse is a Special Edition of Petkin from Season 4. Originally, she came from the Team Petkins. The preference of Jingle Purse is a female. In terms on how she looks like. Her appearance is a mixed of red and yellow coin purse that has a yellow bow and yellow clasp.

She also has a white snout kitty and the ears of the kitty is blue. In addition, she also has a variant of color. The variant is in a yellow and white coin purse together with a pink bow and pink clasp. Also she has a white kitty snout and the ears of the kitty is purple.

She is known as a real shaker and mover but only creates a little bit of noise. She may also have few coins to her name but she is actually rich in friends! This simply means that even on her value she does not gain that much.

What she is happy and contented with is that she has the most valuable thing that no one can ever replace, her friends! Jingle Purse is showing what is richer and more important, the people that cannot be replace by any value or amount or the things that are only temporary like money, value, amount and etc.

Jingle Purse’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Petkins

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