Ice Cream Queen

Shopkins Character Ice Cream Queen

Ice Cream Queen is a Common Sweet Treats Shopkins from Season Four. She is an ice cream cup with two variant colors. The first variant is a white ice cream cup with an orange ice cream inside. She is topped with a blob of red whipped cream and a chocolate covered pineapple. Also, Ice Dream Queen is covered with an orange sprinkles and she is holding a white spoon on her left hand. Her actual toy has a finish of classic touch.

Her other variant is a purple ice cream cup with pinkish red ice cream inside of her. Additionally, she is topped with a blob of whipped cream and there is another topping on top of her that looks like a pineapple chunk. Moreover, she is covered with red sprinkles and she is holding a purple spoon on her left hand. She hangs out in the Sweet Treats team of the Shopkins Season Four.

Ice Cream Queen never gets cold to her loyal followers. What’s more is that she is the Queen of the Freezer! She likes to sprinkle her friendship all around town. In addition, she has two variants from the Easter Egg Edition. A white ice cream cup with aqua ice cream and pink blob of whip cream. The other variant is an aqua ice cream cup with strawberry ice cream.

Ice Cream Queen’s Favorites:

Hobby: Likes to sprinkle her friendship

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

Ice Cream Queen’s Appearances in Youtube


  • She has two variation in the Easter Egg Edition pack.