Hot Choc

Shopkins Character Hot Choc

Hot Choc is a Special Edition Petkin from Season Four. She is a cup of hot chocolate, here face is like of a cat. She has two different variations, a hot pink cup of hot chocolate with toppings of blue marshmallows. Also she has a cute kitty snout and a marshmallow that is shaped like of a kitty ears.

Her second variation is a purple cup of hot chocolate that is topped with pink marshmallows. She has adorable kitty snout and yellow kitty ears. Hot Choc is a cute Petkin and warm in the inside. She likes to comfort her other Petkin friends.

Some of her friends say that she is very warm and also welcoming. You won’t feel left behind when you’re together hanging out. In addition, she is a great friend to finish anything off over the night! She is the best friend you will ever have if you are feeling blue and feeling left alone. She gives you warm and great friendship.

Hot Choc’s Favorites:

Hobby: Keeping her friends company

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Petkins

Hot Choc’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Hot Choc’s name is very similar to Hot Chocco, a Season 1 Shopkin from the Food Fair.