Goldie Fish Bowl

Shopkins Character Goldie Fish Bowl

Goldie Fish Bowl is an Ultra Rare Petshop of Shopkin from Season 4. The preference Goldie Fish Bowl has is a female. She was originated from the Petshop Team and got a Shimmy Finish. In terms of how she looks like. She has different variants.

One of the variant is a yellow fishbowl in which the rim around her is color orange. She also has an orange fish sticking out of her. She is holding a yellow can of fish food in her right hand and on her left hand is an orange net.

The other variant is a purple fishbowl that is darker purple surrounds around the rim. It has a dark purple fish sticking out of her. She is also holding a purple can of fish of food in her right hand and on her left hand is a dark purple net.

In addition, Goldie Fish Bowl is really a very busy bowl! She does value her time well by keeping herself busy all the time. Sometimes, it is even hard to find her head just to keep it above the water. Aside from that, she’s all glass! It means that she is easily to be broken once you did not take care of her.

Goldie Fishbowl’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Petshop

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