Gemma Bottle

Shopkins Character Gemma Bottle

Gemma Bottle is one of the Limited Edition of Shopkin from Season 4. The preference Gemma Bottle has is a female. Also, there are 2500 output that was made of her. She belongs to the Limited Edition Team and Perfume Pretties Finish. In terms of how she looks like.

Her appearance is a blue diamond perfume bottle together with a shape of diamond cap on her head. She is also holding a very small diamond in her right hand. Also her other eye is blinking and the other one is not. She is smiling very wide and her cheeks are blushing. There are no specific variant for this certain Shopkin.

In addition, Gemma Bottle is always shining when she steps out on the town! It is when every time you see her you will be capture by her presence and just really do take a glance of her. Also she has the sweetest smell of success!

By the definition of her appearance specifically where her formation came from. That she came from a diamond bottle showing her value as the unique, extravagant and precious toy! She is a perfect gift for someone who is owning little and starting businesses!

Gemma Bottle’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Limited Edition

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