Shopkins Character Drips

Drips is a Special Edition of Petkins that came from Season 4. The preference a Drips has is a male. Learning more about the appearance of him is quite interesting. Basically, he was originated from the Petkins Team and has a Classic Finish Petkins. He has two different variants of color.

He is a red color watering can that has a white kitten snout. Also it has a yellow kitty ears! One is a yellow watering can that also has a kitten snout and the color of the ears of the cat is blue.

Though he can be silly and spilly. You can actually see on how his appearance looks like. Even though he is kinda silly and spilly, the good thing about him is that he really loves gardening. In order for you to do that, fill him first with water and never blink an eye to watch him grow!

With these you can see how useful he is behind of his silly and spilly attitude. Drips is one of the most useful toy in Season 4. With the cuteness he has, who would have thought he can give something beneficial to everyone. Well, you can see and appreciate that once you continuously watch him grow!

Drips’ Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Petkins

Drips’ Appearances in Youtube


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