Cheeky Cherries

Shopkins Character Cheeky Cherries

Cheeky Cherries are Common Fruit and Veg Shopkins that came from Season 4. Cheeky Cherries appearance are a pair of red cherries that is bound together with a green stem on it. The cherries has different facial expressions. The first cherry is winking and smiling while the other one is not. They have two different variants.

One is a pair of red and yellow rainier cherries that is bound together with a green stem. On the other hand, they have two variants of the Easter Egg. The first one has an appearance of pink cherries together with a blue stem and a darker pink ombre on it. The other one is a blue cherries with pink ombre on their tops and pink stem.

Cheeky Cherries are both cheeky and cherries. They also exemplified that if they put their heads together, they can manage to do everything and even the impossible ones! What’s so lovely about the Cheeky Cherries is that they tend to progress with new ideas.

In addition, there is something about them especially when you take a look at them you will surely love them instantly! For they are so lovable and you just can’t help but to admire!

Cheeky Cheeries’ Favorites:

Hobby: They like to finish each others sentences.

Shopkin BFF: April Apricot

Hang-out Place: Fruit & Veg

Cheeky Cheeries’ Appearances in Youtube


  • Her nickname is Maraschino Mamas.