Bagel Billy

Shopkins Character Bagel Billy

Bagel Billy is a Common Bakery Shopkin that come from Season 4. Basically was originated from the Bakery Shopkin Team. The preference of Bagel Billy is as a male. He has two different variants. One is a yellow bagel sandwich which fills with a dark green lettuce and includes tomatoes with pink leaves that is poking out too.

The other variant is in color purple bagel sandwhich with light green lettuce and some orange slices on it. As a common Shopkin, he has a Classic Finish to him. Much like other common Shopkins as well.

Bagel Billy is just not your ordinary roll with a hole. He is the epitome of confidence and great filling. You cannot just roll with him and just be cool with it. He is not your ordinary Joe either. He makes a Bagelicious fun out of everything and he will surely leave a mouthful of flavorful adventures.

Others see him rolling, but they definitely are just hating. He likes to hang out at the bakery isle with his friends and roll out the fun there too. The thing that peeves him the most are those who think of him as a simple roller. Like it’s been mentioned before, he’s no ordinary roll with a hole.

Bagel Billy’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: : N/A

Hang-out Place: Bakery

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