Sasha Belt

Shopkins Season 4 Character Sasha Belt

Sasha Belt is a Rare Accessories Shopkin from Shopkins Season 4. Teal belt with silver buckle. It is decorated with yellow stars on her face.

Furthermore, her variation is a pink belt with yellow buckle in it. Decorated with purple stars on her face. There are two variants of her in the Shopkins Surprise Eggs.

First, is a light blue belt with yellow buckle and pink stars on her face. The other variation of her is a lavender belt with a pink buckle and yellow stars.

Also, there are two variants of Sasha in the Mini Bag of Shopkins. A magenta belt with blue buckle and pink light stars all over her face. Lastly, the last variant is a yellow belt with green buckle with dark pink stars on her face.

Sasha Belt’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Accessories

Sasha Belt’s Appearances in Youtube


  • The name Sasha is a reference from SASH a type of cloth that is worn around the waist which is similar to a belt.

  • In the Shopkins Collector’s Tool lists, her Mini Bag of Shopkins variants is having a classic finish. Although, they have a transparent finish.