April Apricot

Shopkins Character April Apricot

April Apricot is a Rare Fruit and Veg from Series 4. The preference of April Apricot is a girl. Her appearance is of a red apricot with one green leaf. She also has this little spots of freckles on her cheeks. She has different variants. One is a yellow apricot with one green leaf on top of her head and she also has this color black freckles on her cute little cheeks.

Wherein the artwork of this variant, it represents a white feet. However, she, herself lacks a white feet. The other variant is an exclusive type of which was included in the Season 4 release of this what you called “So Cold metallic Fridge”. This type of version is in a yellow and pink apricot color together with a green leaf and black freckles.

In addition, there is another exclusive variant of her which was included in the Season 4 Mystery Box. This exclusive type is in a pink apricot with a lime green leaf on top its head.

She is what we defined as the Cheeky and Cherry Toy. She also exemplifies “If we put our heads together we can do anything and everything is possible! We are always blossoming with great ideas!”

April Apricot’s Favorites:

Hobby: Coming Soon

Shopkin BFF: Coming Soon

Hang-out Place: Fruit & Veg

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  • On the the site, April Apricot has the same description as Cheeky Cherries.Shopkins Website, due to an error with.