Shopkins Characters – Season 4

Shopkins Season 4 was released in December 2015. In this season the ultra rares happens to be all the entire Petkins team with shimmy finish. The special edition is largely all Petkins.

Petkins team has a total of 48 Shopkins. Limited Editions in Season 4 are Perfume Pretties, they are all perfume bottle Shopkins. They have translucent finish.

Up to the present time, Shopkins teams only feature 7-10 different character per team. Although, only 5-6 different character per each team except for Limited edition, Petkins and Petshop.

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April Apricot

Bagel Billy

Berry Smoothie

Cheeky Cherries

Comfy Chair



Fish Flake Jake

Gemma Bottle

Goldie Fish Bowl

Hot Choc

Ice Cream Queen

Jade Spade

Jingle Purse

June Balloon

Milk Bud

Miss Pressy

Pancake Jake

Peta Plant

Pretty Bow Kay

Pretty Puff

Rita Remote

Sally Scent

Shy Pie / Cherry Pie

Sparkly Spritz

Tammy TV