Toastie Bread

Shopkins Character Toastie Bread

Toastie Bread is a Common Shopkins from Shopkins Season 3. he is a piece of sliced whole grain toast with lump of jelly on his top right side.

Toastie Bread’s other variation is a tan colored slice of whole grain toast with a yellow lump of butter on his top right side. There is a special adaptation of him in the Shopkins Mystery Edition. The variant is a neon blue slice of toast. It has also a neon red crust and a neon yellow lump of butter.

He also likes to prank Toasty Pop, as he always pops up every time and surprise him in the least expected ways. He always gets his way out when he pranks other! Lana Banana Bread is his best friend. Lana Banana Bread is from Season Three too.

Toastie is a warm hearted Shopkins, but with a very dry sense of humor. He likes to tell a joke using a serious tone or just without expression.

Even though he is like a rebel when it comes to jokes and annoying his buddies. Toastie Bread is a friend you can keep! He is always being there by your side telling you the best jokes he can think of to make you a little happy.

Toastie Bread’s Favorites:

Hobby: Surprising Toasty Pop

Shopkin BFF: Lana Banana Bread

Hang-out Place: Bakery

Toastie Bread’s Appearances in Youtube


  • He likes to say this quote “If it gets too hot, it’s time to pop!”