Ticky Tock

Shopkins Character Ticky Tock

Ticky Tock is a Limited Edition Shopkins from Shopkins Season 3. This adorable little Shopkins has only 500 made of him. Ticky Tock is a gold wrist watch, a pink clock that is surrounded with bronze gems. The gems are rubies. The color of his body is red, and the wrist band’s outline is pink colored. His eyes are tightly close and his teeth are clenched. He does not have any other variations. Ticky’s finish of is of Cool Jewels.

He likes to watch the time goes by his clock. Additionally, he does not get late in any meetings he goes to, not in his watch! Very picky to who he wants to be in his friends, it takes a lot of time and patience to get to know him. But when he finally gives in and let you be his friend you will like him within seconds! What his friends like about him is that he is always on time. A very strict with time management.

Due to being a Limited Edition with only 500 of him made in the market. Most fans are very eager to have him! Others are just making their own Ticky Tock DIY toys which they try to collect. The fans that have an original toy of him are very thankful to have him.

Ticky Tock’s Favorites:

Hobby: Watching time goes by

Shopkin BFF: Chelsea Charm

Hang-out Place: Limited Edition

Ticky Tock’s Appearances in Youtube


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