Teenie TV

Shopkins Character Teenie TV

Teenie TV is a Rare Homewares Shopkins from Shopkins Season 3. He is a purple TV with a pink screen as her face. She wears a yellow rimmed sunglasses and his knobs are yellow to match his glasses. Her other variation is a green TV with a white screen as her face. She also wears a red rimmed sunglasses and red colored knobs to match his glasses.

She is included in the Shopkins Mystery 40 pack of Target. The exclusive is an orange TV with a yellow screen for her face. She wears a color yellow sunglass and yellow knobs to match the sunglass. In the included exclusive of her in Target’s Shopkins Mystery Edition 40 pack. She is seen as an orange TV with a yellow screen face and is wearing a yellow sunglass and has color yellow knobs to match it.

She hangs out with other Shopkins Homewares buddies, she likes to watch games shows and other shows that interest her. Also Teenie TV is really tuned in all the latest trend in the scene. She is always switched on by the idea of new things! Moreover, she is really an attention seeker, she loves being watched by other Shopkins. Teenie TV likes all the attention she gets every time!

Teenie TV’s Favorites:

Hobby: Watching Shows

Shopkin BFF: Radio Sue

Hang-out Place: Homewares

Teenie TV’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Game shows are her thing.

  • She loves to be the center of attention.