Taylor Rayne

Shopkins Character Taylor Rayne

Taylor Rayne is a rare Shopkins from Shopkins Season 3. She is a rare collectible. She has a rain hat that has a cute decoration around her. She is a blue rain hat with yellow band and a decal of a pink umbrella. Two pink raindrops are also seen on her face. The other variant of her is a yellow rain hat with an orange band decoration and a decal blue umbrella. She has two blue raindrops on her face.

Taylor Rayne has an exclusive toy included in the Shopkins Mystery Edition 40 pack. The exclusive is of an orange rain hat with decoration. A Yellow band on her head and a green umbrella. She has two green raindrops on her. Her toy finish is just a classic touch. According to Taylor, she likes the rain very much! She likes to play along in the wet land along with her friends. Her favorite spot is in the puddles, she likes to splash water and jump on it all day!

Although, Taylor Rayne is a little naive, she is very loyal. She will always take care of you and cover you in times of rainy days or you just being blue! Her friends from the Hats team, always care of Taylor. When it is not raining, she likes to be with Jennifer Rayne. They like to hang out a lot and they wish that it is raining!

Taylor Rayne’s Favorites:

Hobby: Splashing in Puddles

Shopkin BFF: Jennifer Rayne

Hang-out Place: Hats

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