Taco Terrie

Shopkins Character Taco Terrie

Taco Terrie is an International Food Shopkins from Shopkins Season 3. He is a rare kind of Shopkins, his appearance is of a taco shell. He has a beef, lettuce, and tomatoes inside of him that you can actually see.

Taco has a yellow mustache, and there is a sombrero in his left hand. His other variation is a taco shell with a light colored meat, red tomatoes, and a blue green lettuce inside the taco shell that has an orange color.

The cartoon artwork of Taco Terrie shows that he is having the same colored lettuce, shell, and tomatoes with the original toy. Although the meat color is pink and his eyebrows and the mustache are blonde color.

In the Shopkins Mystery Edition 40 pack he has an exclusive appearance. It is an orange taco shell with orange meat, a light red tomatoes and a lime green lettuce. His friends say that he is full of beans and can go way over to the top!

Although, sometimes he starts becoming too hard to handle! Lammy Lamington is his best friend from the International Food team. They like to dance around specially Taco Terrie. Likes to dance around with his sombreros and invite his friends over to his house.

Taco Terrie’s Favorites:

Hobby: Dancing with his sombrero

Shopkin BFF: Lammy Lamington

Hang-out Place: International Food

Taco Terrie’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Taco Terrie’s appearance is based on Tacos. Tacos are first originated in Mexico.