Sweet Pea

Shopkins Character Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a common Fruit & Veg Shopkins from Shopkins Season 3. Her appearance is of a pod of three green peas, and they look like they are happy. Their color is a dark green stem. Each of them have a different expression. The one in the bottom looks to be a bit confused, and the top and middle one appears to be like it was sleeping but their close eyes looks like it was smiling. All of the three peas have pink pacifiers in their mouth.

Her other variation is a dark blue-ish green color with a light green steam. Again the three baby peas have pink pacifiers. Sweet Pea is also included in the Target Shopkins Mystery Edition 40 pack exclusive. The three peas exclusive are colored with yellow, and they have also a yellow pea pod in with an orange stem. All three with blue pacifiers in their mouth.

These cute and cozy looking pea is always ready to pop out! They like to juggle things and show it off to their friends in the Fruit & Veg team. They have this pacifier on their mouth but it is not specified whether if they’re still babies or it is just their fashion sense. Actually, they look really rad with those pacifiers on their mouth.

Sweet Pea’s Favorites:

Hobby: Juggling

Shopkin BFF: Cherie Tomatoe

Hang-out Place: Fruit & Veg

Sweet Pea’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Their favorite quote is “Give Peas a Chance!”