Suzie Sundae

Shopkins Character Suzie Sundae

Suzie Sundae is rare Sweet Treats from Shopkins Season Three. She is a red, long glass of ice cream sundae with vanilla ice cream flavor. She is topped with pink cherry, a yellow glob of whipped cream, a yummy chocolate syrup, sprinkled with pink sprinkles, and a wafer or waffle that is shaped of a heart on top of her.

The other variation of Suzie is a long glass of ice cream sundae with a raspberry ice cream flavor. She is seen with a pink cherry, a glob of whipped cream, caramel, with pink sprinkles and heart shaped wafer on top of her ice cream hair. In the Shopkins Mystery Edition 40 pack, she has an exclusive color that is included inside. She is seen with an orange glob of whipped cream, and orange heart shaped waffle, waffle or a piece of toast and a yummy sherbet topping.

Suzie Sundae is an easygoing Shopkin, she likes to relax like it is always sundae. Get it? Sundae. Additionally, she is a bit crazy about ice cream and whip cream, Suzie Sundae likes to treat her friends in the Ice Cream Parlor. She can finish up a yummy treat of whip cream within seconds! You also can see her always chillin whit Kylie Cone.

Suzie Sundae’s Favorites:

Hobby: Relaxing on a sundae

Shopkin BFF: Kylie Cone

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

Suzie Sundae’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Her appearance is very similar with Millie shake from Season One.

  • She was mistaken to be a milkshake at first.

  • The Shopkins webisodes showcase her with a valley girl dialect.