Sneaky Sally

Shopkins Character Sneaky Sally

Sneaky Sally is a rare Shopkins from Shopkins Season 3. She belongs in the Shoes team along with other cute shoe Shopkins. Sneaky Sally is a white sneaker shoes, she has a green and white color design. She has a pink tongue and purple laces. Her face shows that she is really enjoying the moment!

Her actual finish is of classic touch. Her variation is of a purple and white sneaker shoe, she has a teal tongue and yellow laces. In the Target exclusive of her, that is included in the Shopkins Edition 40 Pack.

The said exclusive is a pink and orange sneaker shoes that has a yellow tongue and the laces is color yellow too. There is a big aqua circle on her right side with an S inside the circle.

A big basketball fan, she likes to run up and down the basketball courts all the time. She is so slick with her sneaky moves. Her personality is bouncy, like a ball that is bouncing up and down!

Sneaky Sally is full of energetic vibes that can brighten your day! What more is she really likes to be a step ahead of her friends. Like she is the number one best in the team.

Sneaky Sally’s Favorites:

Hobby: Running down the basketball court

Shopkin BFF: Kelly Jelly

Hang-out Place: Shoes

Sneaky Sally’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Her actual toy looks different from her art picture design.