Shopkins Character Shady

Shady is Shopkins character from the Hats Team of Shopkins Season 3. Her rarity is Common type. She has a shade hat that has a dark pink color. Also sports a green and purple bow and cute ribbon. She wears an adorable black cat eye style sunglasses.

Wearing cute blush and a kissable pink lips. Her other variation is a color purple shade hat with blue ribbon that has a smaller pink ribbon in the middle. She also has a pink rimmed cat eye style sunglasses that she wears all the time.

Hangs outs with her other friends in the Hats Team section. Shady is a quick-witted Shopkins! She can easily come up with a good idea every time you ask her opinion about things. Loves her sunglasses very much, that she’s always wearing it when she is out and chillin’ with her other friends.

Hattie Hat is her best buddy, they like to talk about some good ideas that they like to do in the future. What’s more is that some other Shopkins are confused with her because sometimes she looks like a hat, then some other times she is a lampshade! Also her friends said that she is so bright that is why she is always wearing her cool shades!

Shady’s Favorites:

Hobby: Coming up with ideas

Shopkin BFF: Hattie Hat

Hang-out Place: Hats

Shady’s Appearances in Youtube


  • In the Shopkins webisode, Shady has a thick Russian accent.

  • She is referred to as Shady Diva in the web episode series.