Roxy Ring

Shopkins Character Roxy Ring

Roxy Ring is from Shopkins from Shopkins Season 3, she is a Limited Edition. She also hangs out in the Limited Edition Team with her other friends. Roxy Ring is a gold ring. She also has a bright diamond on her. There are no other variations of her because she is limited edition. Her finish is of a Cool Jewel.

Every time when there is a wedding, she is always present. Loves to attend weddings, it makes her feel in love and happy. Ring A Rosie is her best friend, they are always together and they are doing whatever they like to do in their time. What an authentic friendship of all time!

You’ll get to notice how sparkly her eyes were when you are talking to her and look in to her gazing eyes. A cut above the rest! Furthermore, there are only 100 of her produced in the market, that makes her a true treasure to have. Her toy appears to be shiny like a real diamond ring.

Many fans what to have her in their collection but sad to day she is very rare to find. There are at least 1 in limited edition pack or none at all. So if you ever get one of her, cherish her like she is a treasure.

Roxy Ring’s Favorites:

Hobby: Attending Weddings

Shopkin BFF: Ring A Rosie

Hang-out Place: Limited Edition

Roxy Ring’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Roxy Ring’s appearance is like of a diamond wedding ring.