Penny Pencil

Shopkins Character Penny Pencil

Penny Pencil is a Special Edition Shopkins from Shopkins Season 3. She belongs from the Stationery Team with her other friends that are Snippy, Stella Stapler, Noni Notebook, Kelly Calculator, Erica Eraser, Stella Stapler, and Secret Sally. She is a blue pencil with gold band and white tip.

Penny Pencil also holds a pencil and a purple book in her cute little hands. The other variation of her is a pink pencil with silver band and she has a yellow tip. Again she is holding a purple pencil and a green notebook.

In the Shopkins Mystery Edition 4 pack, Penny Pencil’s exclusive looks like is of a colored green pencil with a yellow band and a pink pencil tip. She is also holding a cute pink pencil and pink little book in her hands. This exclusive is polished but her green variant is just regular.

Penny Pencil is a good painter; she also has a nice hand writing she likes to brag about. She likes to draw in her spare time when she is not writing poems or stories. When other Shopkins character are having a conversation with her, she always has a point to make in every conversation they make.

She likes to lever her mark on every one she talked. Additionally, she has this happy personality that she likes to rub off on others. Penny Pencil does not like to have an eerie atmosphere around here. That’s why she likes to influence other with her happiness and positive energy.

Penny Pencil’s Favorites:

Hobby:Writing and Drawing

Shopkin BFF: Erica Eraser

Hang-out Place: Stationery

Penny Pencil’s Appearances in Youtube


  • She has an exclusive variant in the Shopkins Mystery Edition 4 pack.