Shopkins Character Peachy

Peachy is a common Fruit and Veg Shopkins from Shopkins Season 3. She is an orange peach with dark green leaf, she also has this hot pink flower on top of the leaf. Her other variation is a purples peach with light green leaf and a white flower on top of it. In the Shopkins Mystery Edition 40 pack. Her appearance is of a pink peach with lime green leaf and an orange flower on top of it.

When you first meat Peachy, you might think that she is snob but actually when you really get to know her she gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. She makes you feel comfortable and give you the reassurance that you are well loved. She is extremely a warm hearted Shopkin. Very genuine friend that must be cherished endlessly. Everyone in the Fruit and Veg look up to her.

Chillin’ out is what her favorite thing to do, she likes to hang out with Ice Cream Dream and Asbury Raspberry! These two Shopkins are very lucky to be hanging out with her. Oh! The excitement they get when they got to hang out with Peachy is irreplaceable. They got to feel the warm love she tends to make you feel.

Peachy’s Favorites:

Hobby: Chillin’ Out with Ice Cream Dream

Shopkin BFF: : Aspbury Raspberry

Hang-out Place: Fruite and Veg

Peachy’s Appearances in Youtube


  • She has more than one BFF.

  • She looks like a plum but she is really a cute little peach.