Pancake Jake

Shopkins Character Pancake Jake

Pancake Jake is a Rare Sweet Treats of Shopkin from Season 4. Pancake Jake’s preference is a male and originally came from the Sweet Treats Team. How does he looks like? He appears in a white pancake with lilac ombré on it and a color purple syrup having a slice of yellow butter.

Pancake Jake has different types of variant. One variant is in a yellow pancake with maple syrup and a slice of white butter. Another one is an exclusive type variant of which was included in the season 4 of So-Cool Metallic Fridge Re-release.

The variant appears as a golden brown pancake with strawberry syrup on it and a slice of yellow butter. The last type is also an exclusive variant. In which the variant was included in the Shopkins Season 4 of the Mystery Edition Pack. It appears in a pink pancake with yellow syrup and a slice of orange butter.

He is full of fun and fantastic! He may also flip over backwards to help you out! This simply says that he is a good buddy and willingly offers his time to make the most out of fun that you almost miss in your entire being. He shows how important it is to enjoy every single moment of your life. Think and act like him starting today!

Pancake Jake’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

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  • Connector.

    Pancake Jake is similar to Pamela Pancake from season two, however he is a flat pancake, while Pamela is a stack of pancakes.