Netti Spaghetti

Shopkins Character Netti Spaghetti

Netti Spaghetti is a rare International Food Shopkins from Season 3. She is a red bowl of gold color spaghetti with meat sauce on it and a plastic white fork nudge into the noodles. Her other variation is an aqua blue bowl with yellow colored spaghetti with tomato sauce and a silver fork nudge into the noodles. Her finish is a classic touch.

She is a true Italian beauty, she is long and thin and also she loves to spin around town. She loves to twirl too! Netti Spaghetti hangs out in the International Food Team with her friends Humpty Dumpling, Suzie Sushi, Lammy Lamington, Fiona Fries, Croissant d’Or, Scoonie, Sausage Sizzle, and Taco Terrie. She is also a great ballet dancer. When she not in her ballet class, she likes to be with her best friend Sausage Sizzle. She likes to teach other shopkin on how to twirl gracefully!

Nettie Spaghetti also appears in the Target exclusive Shopkins Mystery Edition 40 Pack. The said exclusive is a color orange bowl of yellow colored spaghetti with pink sauce and an orange fork nudge into her noodles. A lot of fans are adoring her and some of the fans think that it is funny because of her name.

Netti Spaghetti’s Favorites:

Hobby: Twirling in Ballet Classes

Shopkin BFF: Sausage Sizzle

Hang-out Place: International Food

Netti Spaghetti Appearances in Youtube


  • Likes to be dance ballet every day.

  • Spaghetti originated in Sicily Italy. That’s why Netti Spaghetti is described as a true Italian beauty.