Macca Roon

Shopkins Character Macca Roon

Macca Roon is a rare Sweet Treats Shopkins from Shopkins Season 3. She is a blue Macaroon. She has a bluish green filling in her middle. Her other variation is a yellow French Macaroon maybe a lemon flavor one. She has white meringue in her middle.

In the Target Exclusive Mystery Edition 40 pack. Her variation is an orange fruit Macaroon. She also has a pink filling in her middle. There are also two variations of her included in the Food Fair. One of here variant features Macca Roon as a white French Macaroon with a pink filling in her middle.

On top of her was a pink heart decoration that resembles a doily. The other adaptation features of Macca Roon is a purple French Macaroon with purple filling in her middle. There is a blue heart on top of her that resembles a doily.

Macca Roon is one colorful character! She is also a bit of an oblivious one, but really the one of sweetest Shopkins you will ever meet. She like to hang out in the Sweet Treats Team section her other friends. But Patty Cake is her best friend in all of them. She also likes getting new color to put in!

Macca Roon’s Favorites:

Hobby: Getting a new color to put in.

Shopkin BFF: Patty cake

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

Macca Roon’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Her name is a pun over the word “Macaroon”

  • Sometimes she is mistakenly suggests she is a macaroon a coconut sweet but in actuality she is a macaron a French cookie made with meringue.