Jennifer Rayne

Shopkins Character Jennifer Rayne

Jennifer Rayne is a rare Shoe Shopkins from Shopkins Season 3. She is a blue rain boot with yellow sole and pink umber decal on her side.

She has also two pink raindrops on her side. Her other variation is a yellow rain boot with pink sole and a blue umbrella decal on her side. She has also two blue raindrops on her both sides and her finish just a classic touch.

Jennifer Rayne love the rainy weather that much, she likes to play in the muddy puddles with her friends from the Shoes Team. Her friends are, Beverley Heels, Shoes-Anne, Molly Moccasin, Lizzy Lace-up, Sneaky Sally, Snug Ugg, and Wilma Wedge. She is always up to ankles in her troubles!

Her and Taylor Rayne are like twinsies! They like to play under the rain and splash some water rain unto each other.

Some fans say that her favorite song is Umbrella by Rihanna, maybe because she likes to play under the rain! By looking at Jennifer Rayne she really looks like she is enjoying the wet puddles. She loves everything that includes water in it.

Additionally, there is an exclusive variation of her included in the Shopkins Mystery Edition. The variant is a neon orange with yellow sole.

Jennifer Rayne’s Favorites:

Hobby: Splashing in puddles

Shopkin BFF: Taylor Rayne

Hang-out Place: Shoes

Jennifer Rayne’s Appearances in Youtube


  • She really loves it when it is raining outside.

  • Likes to play in the puddles