Frost T Fridge

Shopkins Character Frost T Fridge

Frost T Fridge is a rare Homewares Shopkin from Season Three. She is an aqua blue refrigerator with white handles, blue snowflake design and a pink cube dispenser. On her back, there are silver pipes. Her other variation is a yellow refrigerator with silver handles, red snowflake design with a blue ice cube dispenser. On it back there are silver pipes. Her finish is just regular.

Many say that Frost T Fridge is one cool chic! She loves to chill out every time. But occasionally she can get a little frosty. She hangs outs with her friends in the Homewares Team, her friends are Washa, Vicky Vac, Blow-Anne, Teenie TV, Radio Sue, Chatter, Mobile Mary, and Mixie and Maxie. She is every body’s friend but her closest are Blow-Anne and Mixie & Maxie.

When the heat is up or when it is humid Frost T Fridge likes to make icy poles, and give it to her who feels warm because of the weather. She has every flavor of icy poles you can think of! She is very fond to her friends, she really likes to be along with them and make them really delighted.

Frost T Fridge’s Favorites:

Hobby: Making delicious Icy Poles

Shopkin BFF: Blow-Anne and Mixie and Maxie

Hang-out Place: Homewares

Frost T Fridges Appearances in Youtube


  • In the Shopkins Mystery Edition 40 Pack. Frost T. Fridge appearance is of an orange refrigerator with red handles, blue snowflake and a white ice cube dispenser. On it back is a blue pipe.