Fiona Fries

Shopkins Character Fiona Fries

Fiona Fries is a Common International Food Shopkin from Season Three. She is a pink box of golden colored French fries. Blue label is on the bag and has a “S” on it, which stands for the word Shopkins.

Her other variation is a red box with yellow fries. White label on the bag and has a S on it, stands for Shopkins. Also there is an exclusive variation of Fiona Fries included in the Shopper Pack. This said variant is a teal box of orange sweet potato fries with a pink label. Her finish is of a classic touch.

Fiona Fries is a fast food who is always on the go! Nothing can stop her from anything she wants to do with her friends. She is seen always in the International Food Team section along with her friends, Suzie Sushi, Humpty Dumpling, Lammy Lamington, Netti Spaghetti, Croissant d’Or, Sconnie, Taco Terrie, and Sausage Sizzle.

Everybody says that Fiona Fries has a heart of gold, she always helps those who are in need. Wow! She has truly had a heart of gold! Her best friend is Cheezey B. from Season One, they like to be always together. Many fans ship her and Cheezey B.! That is quite adorable isn’t it?

Fiona Fries’ Favorites:

Hobby: Hanging out with Cheezey B.

Shopkin BFF: Cheezey B.

Hang-out Place: International Food

Fiona Fries’ Appearances in Youtube


  • In Shopkin, she is the second fries to be made of. The first one is Curly Fries from Season one.