Erica Eraser

Shopkins Character Erica Eraser

Erica Eraser is a Special Edition Stationary Shopkin from Season Three. She is a pink and green eraser. Her other variation is an aqua blue and red eraser. Both her versions feature a polished finish. Her finish is a Polished Pearl.

She loves it when others make mistakes. A real problem solver and loves to right the wrongs. Loves to hangout with her friends from the Stationery team so often. Erica’s friends are Stella Stapler, Snippy, Penny Pencil, Noni Notebook, Kelly Calculator, Rita Ruler, and Secret Sally.

An extraordinary magician she is in the Shopkins World. She really likes to perform magic around her friends, making them entertain in her world full of magic.

Erica Eraser likes to erase someone’s mistake like, she is a big help to those who does not like to remember their past or their mistakes. Her pal, Penny Pencil is always there for her, they like to be there always for each other.

Some say that when you try to use her to erase other Shopkins feature it will be erase but it really doesn’t. Whilst Erica Eraser is a special Edition Shopkins, there are insufficient info about her in the world wide web.

Erica Eraser’s Favorites:

Hobby: Performing magic. Loves to make thing disappear!

Shopkin BFF: Penny Pencil

Hang-out Place: Stationery

Erica Eraser’s Appearances in Youtube


  • What’s more is that Erica Eraser is also included in the Shopkins Mystery Edition 40 pack. This exclusive is a green and pink eraser. The version is not to be appeared with a polished finish.