Chelsea Charm

Shopkins Character Chelsea Charm

Chelsea Charm is a Limited Edition Shopkin from Season Three. There are only 2.500 of her produced. She is a heart shaped friendship charm with green trim. She is known to be broken into two halves, though she is one piece.

A color silver with and have the side has one green gem and the word BFF is printed on it. There are no variants of Chelsea Charm, because she is a Limited Edition, her finish is Cool Jewels. If loyalty means forever, count Chelsea Charm to be your friends for keeps.

She is a best friend you could ever think of, and of course she will be by your side as long as she is alive. Chelsea Charm is known for not ever going to break your heart! She is truly one loyal friend. Ticky Tock is very lucky to have her as her best friend.

Cause best friends forever is what they are! She likes to hang out in the limited edition team. Most kids who collect Shopkins prefer her to have two noses and two mouths. They said she looks more adorable with it.

Some would say that the other part is Chelsea and the other half part is Charm. But actually it is not. If you are a strong hearted person you will like Chelsea Charm’s outlook in life and friendship.

Chelsea Charm’s Favorites:

Hobby: Hanging with her BFF

Shopkin BFF: Ticky Tock

Hang-out Place: Limited Edition

Beverley Heels’ Appearances in Youtube


  • Undoubtedly, Snippy and her are the first and only Shopkins to have two noses and two mouths.

  • In art, Chelsea has two noses and mouths but in her toy it only appears she only have one nose and mouth.