Cheese Louise

Shopkins Character Cheese Louise

Cheese Louise is an Ultra Rare Shopkin from Season Three. She is a chocolate flavored mini cheesecake with dark chocolate crust. Topped with a glob of strawberry cream, yellow strawberry in the middle, and two dark chocolate leaves.

Her other variation is a vanilla flavored mini cheesecake with chocolate crust that is topped with a glob of dark chocolate cream, a pink strawberry in the middle, with two chocolate leaves. The both version appeared to be frosted in white chocolate or has chocolate frosting in it.

Also there are two types of finish of her, Choco Frosted and Classic.There are also two variations of her included in the Food Fair.

The one variant features Cheese Louise to be yellow (probably a lemon flavored one) mini cheesecake with purple crust that is topped with a glob of yellow whipped cream, a light pink strawberry, two mint leaves.

Other variation perhaps features a probably white chocolate flavored mini cheesecake with reddish white brown crust that is topped with a glob of whipped cream with strawberry and two mint leaves.

Cheese Louise is a good dancer; she likes to dance to a cheesy song with her Bakery Team friends. When it comes to being smooth, oh she is the one who takes the cake!

Funny thing is, she likes to tell cheesy jokes to her friends. That’s what Cheese Louise are made of, cheesy joke and being smooth as a cake.

Cheese Louise’s Favorites:

Hobby: Telling cheesy jokes to her friends.

Shopkin BFF: Queen of Tarts

Hang-out Place: Bakery

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  • Connector.

    She is the second cheesecake Shopkins, the first is Cheese Kate from Season One. However, Cheese Kate is only a slice larger. While Cheese Louise is a mini Cheesecake.

  • Connector.

    Her name is a pun of “Geeze Louise!” and also the phrase is used when taking pictures, “Say Cheese Louis!”