Shopkins Character Chatter

Chatter is a rare Homeware Shopkin from Season Three. She is a white rotary telephone with aqua blue and purple phone cord. Her variant color is a red rotary telephone with light blue dial and silver phone cord. Her finish is just a classic touch.

She belongs to the Homewares team along with Washa, Vicky Vac, Frost T Fridge, Blow-Anne, Teenie Tv, Radio Sue, Mobile Mary, and Mixie and Maxie.

Really gets along with all of her adorable friends in their team. Always lends her ear to anybody who wants to talk to her. A really great listener to her friends when it comes to problems or just chit chats. Furthermore, she is one hopeless romantic!

Always dreaming about getting married and receiving the perfect engagement ring there is with the perfect man of her dreams. Who doesn’t like that anyway?!

Mobile Mary and Chatter are best of friends; they like to spend a lot of times together just discussing about a whole lot of things (specially about the man of her dreams!).

When they are not together, she likes to spend her time with other friends listening to all of their stories and all other shenanigans! Chatter is on sweet Shopkin to be with!

Chatter’s Favorites:

Hobby: Talking, talking and talking

Shopkin BFF: Mobile Mary

Hang-out Place: Homewares

Chatter’s Appearances in Youtube


  • She is included in the Go Shopping! Card game although her appearance there is exclusive. Chatter appears to be a teal with red dial, has a red phone cord and a red button.

  • She is also included in the Target Exclusive Shopkins Mystery Edition 40 pack. A pink rotary telephone with a punk dial and yellow phone cord.