Casper Cap

Shopkins Character Casper Cap

Casper Cap is a rare Shopkin from Season Three, from Hats Team. He is a green and purple baseball cap with white bill. He is decorated with blue circle with an “S” inside. Casper Cap’s variant is white and mint green baseball cap with purple bill.

Decorated with red circle with “S” inside it. Additionally, he is holding a peace sign just trying to be cute, and a classic finish to top of it all. He hangs out in the Hats section of Shopkins with his friends, Hottie Hat, Brimmy, Flappy Cap, Shady, Toni Topper, Taylor Rayne, and Bonnie Bennet.

When Casper Cap is not lounging around the Hats Team, you can catch a glimpse of him in the Baseball field showing how he strikes. He sometimes just throwing balls or see him baseball bating with his shopkin best friend, Flappy Cap.

Every so often all of the Team Hats are playing in the field. Talking about Casper Cap’s fashion style, he can cap off any outfit he likes to wear! Everyone says that he is always in a peak condition, everybody is admiring him for that. He is good in everything that he is doing

Casper Cap’s Favorites:

Hobby: Playing Baseball

Shopkin BFF: Flappy Cap

Hang-out Place: Hats

Casper Cap’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    In an exclusive Target Shopkins mystery Edition 40 pack, he is seen with pink and orange neon baseball cap with yellow bill. Also decorated with an aqua circle with “s” inside.