Candy Apple

Shopkins Character Candy Apple

Candy Apple is a common Shopkins from Shopkins Season 3. She is an apple candy with green coating covered in to her. She has a yellow stick on top of her. The variant is coated with pink candy coating with white stick on top. Her other eye is winking and got a big smile on her face. The finish of her toy is in classic design.

Candy Apple loves to play with her fiddle sticks along with her friends, PopRock, Cream E Cookies, Macca Roon, Chocky Box, Wanda Water, Choc Kiss, Suzie Sundae, and Ginger Fred. She has this habit to start something really nice that she likes to do all the time! and mind you Candy Apple never really abandons her task when it is not even complete! What a determined Shopkin she is! Perhaps if other Shopkin has a problem on doing things they can ask for Candy Apple’s help! She will be super grateful for you asking her for assistance.

You can find her hanging out in the Sweet Treats department, her sidekick PopRock is always beside her. She is the sweetest among the sweet treats team, but when you treat her wrong. Don’t expect her to be still sweet, she can get grouchy to you without a doubt!

Candy Apple’s Favorites:

Hobby: Playing fiddlesticks

Shopkin BFF: PopRock

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

Candy Apple’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    Sometimes she is mistaken for an apple caramel.

  • Connector.

    Sometimes she is mistaken for an apple caramel.