Brenda Brooch

Shopkins Character Brenda Brooch

Brenda Brooch is a Shopkins Season 3 Limited Edition Shopkins. She is a blue brooch with a gold trim. Also no variants for this character. She happens to appears to be shiny and here finish is cool jewels. Additionally, she has a ravishing pink lips and dynamic green eyes.

Brenda Brooch likes to host dinner parties with Chelsea Charm, Ring-A-Rosie, Ruby Earring, Ticky Tock, and Roxy Ring, her friends from the limited edition team.

She also like to be worn out. But, she never really did look tired at all! Whenever there is an occasion she always shines among all of them. There is no way other shiny Shopkin can out shine Brenda Brooch neither her best friend Ruby Earring!

She is one stunning brooch! Moreover, there are only 250 made of her in the market. In spite of the fact that she is so limited, collectors are still longing to have her in their collection.

But however you can still check her out in some videos in YouTube that Shopkins fans made. A large number of fans likes to make a story about her on their channel or even on how to draw.

You can still create your own DIY of her if you are really keen about not having her in your collection.

Brenda Brooch’s Favorites:

Hobby: Dinner parties with friends.

Shopkin BFF: Ruby Earring

Hang-out Place: Limited Edition

Brenda Brooch’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    There are only 250 of her are made.