Cream E. Cookies

Shopkins Season 3 Character Cream E. Cookies

Cream E. Cookies is an Ultra Rare Sweet Treats Shopkin from Shopkins Season 3. A yellow Oreo-like sandwich cookie with chocolate cream in her middle. The other variation of her is a brown Oreo like cookie with beige cream in the middle.

Moreover, both of her versions has frosted chocolate or white chocolate. Also, she has two exclusive variations in the Food Fair blind bags. Fist variant is a brown sandwich cookie that has pink cream in the middle. Second variant is a sandwich cookie with magenta color and blue cream in the middle.

Cream E. Cookies’ Favorites:

Hobby: Coming Soon

Shopkin BFF: Coming Soon

Hang-out Place: Ultra Rare

Cream E. Cookies’ Appearances in Youtube


  • Its original version of the toy resembles a golden Oreo and the variant is a classic Oreo.