Chocky Box

Shopkins Season 3 Character Chocky Box

Chocky Box is an Ultra Rare Sweet Treats Shopkin from Shopkins Season 3. A box of various white chocolate candies and sweets. She has a brown color and her lid is decorated with pink hearts.

Moreover, she has a yellow box variant of chocolate candies. The lid of this variation also had pink hearts. Both versions have frosted chocolate and white chocolate.

Chocky has a variant included in the Sweet Heart Collection. Her first variation in this exclusive is a red box of chocolates that has a white lid. It contains various pieces of pink chocolates.

Furthermore, in the Halloween Blind Bags she has two exclusive variants. First one is a neon box of chocolate candies and sweets. Lid is decorated with purple hearts. Pieces contains orange colored chocolates inside. Second one is a translucent pink box of candies; the lid is decorated with brown hearts.

Last variant from the Halloween blind bags has mint green colored chocolates. In addition, the box is glow in the dark. Chocky has 3 different finish on her actual toy, Choco Frosted, Classic, and Glow in the Dark (Halloween Blind Bags).

Chocky Box’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

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