Birthday Betty

Shopkins Season 3 Character Birthday Betty

Birthday Betty is a Common Bakery Shopkin from Shopkins Season 3. She is a pink birthday cake with white frosting. Also, there is a fuchsia banner decoration on top of her. The white decoration on top of her head says “Happy Birthday”, she is also holding pink and aqua present in different hands.

Moreover, her variation is a green birthday cake with white frosting and pink banner deco. In this variation, the banner has a darker pink color and the present she was holding has a dark pink and purple color.

What’s more is that this cutie Shopkin is included in the Shopkins Mystery Edition Target exclusive 40 pack. The said exclusive’s first variation is yellow birthday cake with pink frosting and aqua banner deco on top of her head. Both of her hands are holding a birthday present with green and orange color.

Whoa! Birthday Betty has two more exclusive variants in the Food Fair Blind Bags. First one is a green birthday cake with magenta banner deco. The decoration on top of her has a yellow color, she holds a blue and pink present in both of her hands. Lastly, the second variation is a red birthday cake with blue banner. White decoration and green and purple present in her hands.

Birthday Betty’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Bakery

Birthday Betty’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Second Birthday Cake Shopkin, the first one is Wishes.

  • In her artwork, the candle decoration is white or either in pink, or yellow lettering. However, on the actual toys the candle is in solid white color.