Betty Boot

Shopkins Character – Season 2 Betty Boot

Betty Boot is a rare Shoes Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. She is a cow boy boot and she wears a fake mustache with a very classic yet so detailed finish. She is a cute brown, pink and red cowboy boot with a black play mustache.

There is a variant color which is white, red, and orange cowboy boot with a brown play mustache Betty Boot has. When she is not busy playing with her friends she likes to Boot Scootin’ because that is her favorite hobby.

Betty Boot is from team Shoes in Shopkins Season Two, along with her cool friends Prommy, Sneaky Sue, Heels, Sneaky Wedge, Wedgy Wendy, Bun Bun Slipper, and Cute Boot. They like to play boot scootin’ all day long and they also like to laugh a lot to enjoy the day.

She is one of the rarest Shopkins that so it is hard to get, but you wouldn’t know maybe you are one of the luckiest to get one of her. Betty Boot’s friends describe her as a kick ass boot riding high in a saddle.

Also she is the wildest boot you can ever see in the Wild West! No one can ever pull a fast one on Betty Boot because she is the coolest Boot you’d ever want to have!

Betty Boot’s Favorites:

Hobby: Boot scootin
Shopkin BFF: Heels
Hang-out Place: Shoes

Betty Boot’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • – She gets her kicks riding high in the saddle. She’s the wildest boot in the West.

  • Sometimes Betty Boot is mistaken to be boy because of her mustache.

  • – Her name is based on Betty Boop

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