Shopkins Season 2 Character Baby Swipes

ShopkinsCharacter – Season 2 Baby Swipes

Baby Swipes is a special edition baby Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. She is a yellow bottle of baby wipes, also she has cute little stars on her and appears to be sucking a bottle like a little baby. Baby Swipes is holding a tiny baby wipe on her hand. Her alternate color is a blue bottle of baby wipes and her finish is fluffy.

Baby Swipes is so adorable she likes to go on an adventure and play with her best friend cutie Shampoo Sue. Where do Baby Swipes hang out? Well she likes to hang out in the baby department along with her cute and adorable baby friends who are, Dribbles, Ga Ga Gourmet, Dum Mee Mee, Baby Puff, Sippy Sips, Nappy Dee, Shampoo Sue, and Dribbles. Baby Swipes friends describe her as a real clean machine, she doesn’t like being dirty or dirty places and things. Also she likes to keep things around her very shiny from the bottom to the top.

Baby Swipes has a favorite hobby; can you guess what is it? Well, baby Swipes favorite hobby is swiping out in a wave of pool! Yes, Baby Swipes loves to go for a swim. Baby Swipes is a special edition Shopkins so not all collectors can have her but if you’re lucky you might get adorable Baby Swipes when you get Shopkins pack. Enjoy!

Baby Swipes’s Favorites:

Hobby: Swiping out in the Wave Pool.
Shopkin BFF: Shampoo Sue
Hang-out Place: Baby

Baby Swipe’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


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    Baby Swipes is described as a real clean machine. She always keeps things shiny.