Shopkins Season 2 Character Baby Puff

Shopkins Character – Season 2 Baby Puff

Baby puff is a special edition from Shopkins Season Two. She has a pink bow and aqua blue balloons on her also she is a white baby powder container with a label that of the same color. Her label has letter “S” on it, for Shopkins.

Her variant color is an adorable pink baby powder container with a label of the same color. On her label letter “S” for Shopkins. An aqua bow and yellow balloons are on her.

Baby puff is a sweet smelling Shopkins, and she never rush her decisions. She is really a cute Shopkins and she is fit and never runs out of puff, she makes you fell fresh! She is from the team baby section of Shopkins Season Two along with her friends, Dribbles, Ga Ga Gourmet, Dum Mee Mee, Baby Swipes, Sippy Sips, Nappy Dee, Shampoo Sue, and Dribbles Baby Puff is a special edition Shopkins so it is very special if you get one of her.

She Is super charming you will not be disappointed when you get one Baby Puff. You’ll wish to get more off her in two different variants. All the little kids who enjoy collecting Shopkins will be so delightful when they get Baby Puff, even the not young but young at hearts collector will love her.

Baby Puff’s Favorites:

Hobby: Finding shapes in the clouds
Shopkin BFF: Nappy Dee
Hang-out Place: Baby

Baby Puffs Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • A sweet smelling Shopkin who never makes any rash decisions! She’s so fit she will never run out of puff.

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